Sniffer Police Dog Costume


If you like man in uniform, your pup will be looking as smart as it can get in this Sniffer Police Dog Costume. Protect the house from the Postman and all the other threats in this cool uniform, no one will look more handsome than your doggo!

The Sniffer Police Dog Costume features an all-in-one, bright blue onesie with short sleeves, which will transform your pup into the town’s hero within seconds. The outfit includes detailing of a silver police badge on the sleeve, a pair of hand cuffs and a walkie-talkie device that’ll help them communicate with their pup colleagues when there’s trouble on the streets. The final piece to complete this heroic look is a matching, bright blue hat with a police badge embellishment on the front.

Now then, let’s get those criminals, woof-woof!

Colour: Blue

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