Unicorn Dog Costume


Who said unicorns aren’t real? Transform your pooch into a mythical beast with our Unicorn Dog Costume! This purple outfit is made from a velveteen material, watch as it glistens in the sunlight! It also features a unicorn head with a rainbow coloured horn and mane. Living with one of the rarest creatures in the universe has never been so fabulous.


XSmall: Chest 8″-11″, Length 7″-10″
Medium: Chest 16″-19″, Length 13″-15″
Large: Chest 19″-22″, Length 16″-18″
XLarge: Chest 21″-25″, Length 18″-21″
XXLarge: Chest 26″-33″, Length 22″-27″
XXXLarge: Chest 34″-40″, Length 26″-30″

Colour: Purple

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