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A Festive Gift Guide

Here at Fancy Dogs, one thing we always chase our tails over is Christmas! Watching our beloved pups rip open their presents, treating them to a little drop of Christmas dinner gravy (shh!) and seeing the little, or big, paw prints in the fresh snow. One thing I’m sure we’re all excited for when the festive season rolls around, is getting our pups involved. They are an important part of the family after all!

We wear our Christmas jumpers with pride, so why should our four-legged friends be left out of the fun?! We’ve put together this little gift guide of our most favourite Christmas costumes for doggies this year – and they’re guaranteed to make you smile with joy.

Our Top 4:

Santa Claws

At £9.99, it’s a bargain – you simply can’t go wrong. This costume features Santa’s iconic red suit with gold buckled belt design and jolly little bobble hat that sits cutely on top of your pooch’s head. This outfit is easy to slip over, just as you would a coat, so there’s no fuss.

Elf Pup

We all know that Santa’s little elves are hard at work, but who said they were all human? Just think how pleased your dog could be, trotting about the place in this cool Christmas outfit whilst lapping up all the smiles and “who’s a good boy then?”. Elf Pup comes in sizes extra small, small and medium, making it suitable for any dog; from a Miniature Pinscher up to a Schnauzer! This illusion costume is one of our favourites, and the little red and green hat is just oh-so-adorable.

Santa Paws

Yes we know, another Santa costume. But who doesn’t love the big guy?! This time though, we present you with a little costume that gives a good chuckle to anyone who sees it. The velvet suit and hat comes with little imitation hands and feet, which gives the image of a little father Christmas running about the place. Trust us, this outfit will have you crying with laughter!

Gingerbread Pup

Your dog will be run, run, running as fast as they can in this costume! This adorable outfit is our favourite at Fancy Dogs! We love everything about it, from the little round hole your pet’s face pokes through, to the little red bow that adorns the front! Let your entire family coo at your fur-baby as he or she comes running through on Christmas morning!

We hope you have all the fun with these costumes and have fun celebrating this jolly time of year!

Seasons Greetings from!